10 Mar 10

Introducing the Fashtonometer

A visual approach to the many fashion gaffes of Lady Catherine Ashton, the EU's foreign affairs head.
Catherine Ashton's fashions

Ashton’s speech today in Strasbourg – on the External Action Service – was just too much and I’m not talking about her proposals.

It’s rather that I’m not sure I can stomach the rollout of another new outfit. As Ashton’s star rises, the palatability of her personal style plummets.

So far, I’ve been unable to work out who’s responsible for these outrages but I’m keeping a close eye on the situation.

Below you’ll find my Fashtonometer, a scale that I’ve thrown together to enable me to measure the status of each new abomination:

Catherine Ashton’s dress sense should give all Member States cause for concern and is, I believe, a strong candidate for regulation at the European level.


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  1. Gravatar Luke says:

    Marvellous work you’ve done here Mike! (And so-so true!)


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