Scratch that itch!

Mike in London

On the road again! After a lengthy and much needed spell of pro domo stability, I got itchy feet and set off on a new adventure. When I left Belgium, Autumn was in the air and the temperatures had dropped. Down here on the Adriatic coast, they’re still hanging on to the last thread of summer. I had better make the most of it while I can!

Europe 18 Oct 14


My last stop on this trip is Rome and it's been ten years since I last visited the Eternal City
Europe 13 Oct 14


The city that survived a four-year siege and its struggle to rebuild
Europe 13 Oct 14


I broke with my plan to stay longer in Split, so today I'm a 'hajduk', an outlaw
Europe 11 Oct 14


Back on dry land in the palace that became a city
Europe 11 Oct 14

Coastal drift

South by rail along the Adriatic coastline to Ancona, where my ferry awaits