A nip in the air

When I got home from my latest travels, there was a definite chill in the air. Autumn had begun in my absence while down by the Adriatic they were hanging on to Summer. I know from my hiking days that, here in woodlands and green spaces of Belgium, it’s probably the most beautiful time of the year, but for now that chill is going to take some getting used to!

Europe 18 Oct 14


My last stop on this trip is Rome and it's been ten years since I last visited the Eternal City
Europe 13 Oct 14


The city that survived a four-year siege and its struggle to rebuild
Europe 13 Oct 14


I broke with my plan to stay longer in Split, so today I'm a 'hajduk', an outlaw
Europe 11 Oct 14


Back on dry land in the palace that became a city
Europe 11 Oct 14

Coastal drift

South by rail along the Adriatic coastline to Ancona, where my ferry awaits