Pull your socks up

A bit of change is due and it’s not just the New Year’s resolutions. I’ve spent twelve months wandering around without pressure, asking myself a lot questions and getting a few answers. Now it’s time to put some of those experiences to work.

Cycling 7 Dec 14


A dark, wet and muddy edition of the independent cyclo-cross event in the woodlands of Overijse
Europe 18 Oct 14


My last stop on this trip is Rome and it's been ten years since I last visited the Eternal City
Europe 13 Oct 14


The city that survived a four-year siege and its struggle to rebuild
Europe 13 Oct 14


I broke with my plan to stay longer in Split, so today I'm a 'hajduk', an outlaw
Europe 11 Oct 14


Back on dry land in the palace that became a city