Half time


I‘m halfway through life according to Shakespeare and the Bible. Threescore years and ten, they say, so I guess it’s all downhill from here … And yet folks keep telling me I’m still young. For sure, I’ve got my health and I’m very grateful for that. I’m slower on the bike nowadays but that has more to do with undertraining than creaky joints. Indeed the only wrinkles I’ve got are in my shirts … I can’t complain, can I? So if it really is half-time, bring out the oranges!

Estonia 26 May 15


On the west side of old Tallinn stands an imposing battery fortress that served as a prison for over eighty years
Estonia 23 May 15


Acting as a soigneur at Tallinn's annual running race for women
Europe 27 Apr 15


A village built on land reclaimed from the sea is under threat, not from waves but the winds of change